About Us

Yuyao Sanxing Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, and located at No. 108 Zhenxing West Road, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China. Yuyao Sanxing mainly specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of linear actuators, control boxes, television take-off and landing systems, furniture lifting systems and other products, and gradually forms specialized, large-scale production.

Why choose us

We understand that if an enterprise wants to survive in this industry for a long time, the first and most important thing is integrity, and become a trusted partner for customers. The second is to guarantee the quality of the product under the premise of the competitive price to customers. Of course, pre-sale and after-sale service is also very important. Customers who come to our Yuyao Sanxing will experience our best service. In addition, continuous product innovation, research and development is also essential, we will continue to develop new products according to the market and customer requirements, so that customers can have more choices. OEM and ODM orders are also accept.

We focus on developing solutions and to give our customers the best product that fits their production environment.

Our Products

Products are widely used in electric sofas, massage chairs, dental chairs, electric medical beds, traction beds, television movement counters, furniture and other movements need linear motion implementing agencies of the occasion. For our products, we use high quality materials, every work procedure is quite rigorous, and there are a series of tests and inspection before shipment. We are also constantly developing and innovating to meet the automation needs of various industries. In order to facilitate customer installation, most of our products are plug-and-play, easy to install and maintain, and also for the customer to save some trouble. If our current products are not suitable for you, our products can also be designed to suit your requirements. Our design team is very excellent. I believe we can give you some help.

Our Target

To provide the most comprehensive selection of linear motion products for various industries. Give all customers the most perfect shopping experience.