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What products do we offer


Linear actuator

We provide customers with a wide range of linear actuators. Because each customer has different parameter requirements, our products are customized according to customer requirements, such as their speed, stroke, length, force, etc.


Control System

All linear motion equipment, whether used on massage chairs, medical beds, or flat-screen TVs, need an electrical system to tell it what to do. Sanxing Automation provides a wide range of simple and complex control systems to meet the needs of various applications.



Generally, it is not used on 12V/24V DC power. It needs to be used with Sanxing hand controller. You can choose wired handset or wireless handset. The whole set of collocation provides convenience for users. Sanxing hand controls have different styles and functions. , For different customers to choose.


TV lift

Sometimes having a big screen is not enough. If you, like thousands of people, decide to take their entertainment to a new level, you may be interested in installing your TV screen on Sanxing’s TV stand. We provide a lifting system, which can extend your screen from the cabinet. It can be used with remote control or with wire control, depending on the requirements of each customer. Easy to install and comes with all the equipment needed to install the TV and run the device: from universal mounting brackets, control boxes, remote controls, sensors to power adapters-we are here for you.


Mounting brackets

What vendors often forget is the need to install and install your product easily. When starting to invest in your new linear motion solution, consider this: your mounting bracket must be as versatile as your application. These brackets can be connected to the main body of the linear actuator itself; currently we have two brackets, which can be used with FD1 and FD5 linear actuators. This provides installation flexibility and gives you the most valuable commodity known to man: options.



Sometimes, control systems, brackets and innovative linear actuators are not enough. In this category, you will find everything that your automation project lacks. Small details are as important as the whole. At FIRGELLI Automation, we will not ignore small things. Limit switches, relays, pulley cables, all of which are essential for the design and operation of industrial or home automation systems.

Post time: Oct-16-2021