Brush motor or brushless motor? How to choose in a minute!

Motor is a kind of electromagnetic device that realizes electric energy conversion or transmission through the law of electromagnetic induction. It plays a very important role in industrial production. Brushless motor and brushless motor, both belong to the common motor, the difference lies in whether there is a carbon brush in the structure. In addition, there are great differences between them.

Speed adjustment mode

The process of brush motor speed regulation is realized by adjusting the voltage of the power supply. After the adjustment of voltage and current through the commutator and brush conversion, change the strength of the magnetic field generated by the electrode, to change the speed of the purpose. This process is called variable voltage speed regulation.

In the process of brushless motor speed regulation, the voltage of the power supply of the motor remains unchanged, but the control signal of electric adjustment is changed. The speed change is realized by changing the switching rate of the high-power MOS tube through the microprocessor. This process is called variable speed regulation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Brush motor has simple structure, low production cost and very simple control. The motor can be started or stopped by switching on or off the power supply. However, the carbon brush in the brush motor is a wearing part, which needs to be replaced after a long time of use, and when dust enters between the carbon brush and commutator, it will aggravate the wear of the carbon brush. In addition, because of the carbon brush inside the brush motor, it will produce noise when rotating at high speed, which will affect the use experience.

Brushless motor adopts Hall element instead of carbon brush, no wear related problems, relatively convenient maintenance, longer service life compared with brush motor, noise is also much lower. However, due to the complex structure of the brushless motor, the volume is larger than the brushless motor, and the cost is higher, the price is relatively expensive, and the reliability is affected by electronic components, compared with the brushless motor is more susceptible to interference.

Scope of application

Brush motor: usually power equipment is generally used for brush motor, such as hair dryer, factory motor, household range hood and so on. Our linear actuator motor is used for brush motor.




Brushless motor: it is usually used in equipment with relatively high control requirements and high speed requirements, such as aircraft model, precision instruments and other equipment with strict motor speed control and high speed requirements.


Post time: Oct-29-2021