Electric Linear Actuator make your life more comfortable

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are getting much better quality of life. Now more and more People under a lot of pressure, not only at work, but also in life. So lots people buy massage chairs, electric sofas, massage beds and so on to reduce their own stress, because they can reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation and breathing, get complete relaxation.
However, these products can’t lose an important accessory – Linear Actuator, it can be used with Linear Actuator Motor Controller and Remote Control.
According to the principle of electric lifting, it can make the user to adjust to a most comfortable state.
Sanxing electric actuators provide smooth, silent movement, preserving the tranquility of users and their neighbors. Rugged, they can support high load, the maximum load capacity is 6000N (600kg), so they can support for any size of people. 

Electric Sofa


The DC motor linear actuator with different brackets can also adjust the height of the lift chairs, it make some disabled persons the elderly more convenient.


Currently the FD1, FD3 and FD13 Linear Actuators are widely used in massage chairs, electric sofas, massage beds and lift chairs.

The actuator can be used with the CB1A control box and the CBDY-1 power supply. We have many types of the remte controls, for example HG.





Many people use the bed as a space to relax. Working, reading, listening to music, watching TV or eating breakfast are all can be done in bed. At the same time, adjustments in the back or legs can improve the sleep quality and relieve some daily discomfort. The adjustable underside of the bed provides better alignment of the spine, which will relieve some back pain.

The leg adjustment will allow the legs to raise slightly and improve blood circulation.  This is a significant comfort asset for overweight people suffering from heavy legs or pregnant women.

The adjustment of the backrest will alleviate some respiratory issues and assist sleep.

Thanks to electric motion systems and associated technologies, leisure beds adapt to all needs and desires for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Post time: Aug-07-2021