Installation note of linear actuator and notice for ordering, which make it more simple

The installation note of linear actuator


Please see below before the installation.

(1) Check whether the electrical wiring is according with the requirements of the electrical principle and the power supply/ control box voltage is correct. The voltage is showed on the label of control box.

(2) Check whether the both installation ends of linear actuator is vertical, whether the fulcrum is packed well.

(3) When the power is connected, check whether the linear actuator travel agency is working properly with handset.


Notice for ordering

(1) Users reference series product specifications and installation dimension which our factory provides, and choose appropriate linear actuator, then put forward the linear actuator model, speed, load capacity, voltage, stroke, minimum installation distance, hole diameter and cable length. If users have special requirements in the use of environment and technical data, our factory can also design for you, and you must show the specific requirements when place an order.

(2) If users need linear actuator accessories, such as control box, power supply/adapter and handset, our factory can supply a complete set, it also can be supplied alone.

(3) From the date of delivery within a year, the user in normal conditions, with the linear actuator quality issues caused by mechanical failure or damage, our factory is responsible for maintenance.

(4) Welcome new and old customers place orders.

Post time: Sep-20-2021